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Clarity refers to any inclusions (tiny natural marks) which may detract from the clear perfection of the stone.

The rarest diamond is a Flawless and is the ultimate example of a naturally produced gemstone.


However, without the aid of a 10x magnifying lens and significant training you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Flawless diamond and one that is a grade or two lower.


Fl – Flawless
IF – Internally Flawless
VVS1/VVS2 – Very very slight inclusions
VS1/ VS2 – Very slight inclusions
SI1 & SI2 – Slight inclusions
I1 I2 & I3 – Inclusions that are obvious to the naked eye and not generally accepted as gem quality

At PSJ we do not stock Diamonds that are below SI1/SI2


Colour refers to any natural tint that might be present in a Diamond and which would give it a slightly yellow appearance. In fact, when used to describe a Diamond the term Colour really refers to the lack of it!

The best colour is D and then progresses through the alphabet as more colour becomes obvious to the naked eye.


A diamond with a colour grading of J or below will appear yellowish to the naked eye and will not display the brilliance that you are looking for.

At PSJ we do not stock Diamonds that are below borderline H/I


We can offer you a choice of diamond quality for most of our rings. We recommend a minimum G/H colour and SI clarity for a clean bright looking stone.

However, for just that little bit extra, an F/G VS diamond will give you that added wow factor…

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